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Naturally Slim Predicts New 2021 Trends for Employee Benefits and the Digital Health Market

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Naturally Slim Predicts New 2021 Trends for Employee Benefits and the Digital Health Market

Jan 26, 2021 « Back to The Skinny

DALLAS, TX — (January 25, 2021) — Naturally Slim® (NS), a skills-based digital behavioral health company focused on mind-body weight management and diabetes prevention within the employer-sponsored space, today reveals its forward-thinking predictions on workplace wellness, benefits, and digital health in 2021 and beyond.

As a leading weight management program for employers, trusts, and health plans—Naturally Slim has the deep market background and extensive real-life case examples to share its unique and strategic predictions as we embark on the new year.

Great expectations: how employers, vendors, and programs will be held even more accountable

This year there will be a cycle of increased expectations and accountability. Employers will be more likely to choose employee benefits using employee input—increasing the demand for programs that focus on overall well-being. Employers will also require vendors to deliver on ROI and employee engagement–or require a money back guarantee.

“In 2020, 43% of employers surveyed offered solutions based on employee demand. I predict that this year will incorporate more employee-centric decision making and this number is going to increase to 50%, or even as high as 70%, by the end of 2021. Employers will be accountable when it comes to giving employees the benefits they need in order to retain top talent and increase employee engagement, productivity, and overall wellness.” -Rob Butler, CEO

As employers work to understand and incorporate new initiatives to lessen the impact of COVID-19 and social unrest, employees will be watching closely to see how they respond. The focus on mental health, stress and resilience will also be aggressive in 2021. Employers will not just “hope” that people will participate in their new initiatives, they will work diligently to create an environment that motivates and awards employees to engage in programs that will improve their health holistically.” -Lauren Goerschler, Chief Marketing Officer

“In 2021, employers are going to require quick, immediate ROI from vendors or money back guarantees. They are going to demand repayment for programs that don’t deliver on ROI or meaningful engagement levels. Employers are going to expect vendors to be more responsible for driving employee engagement and start sharing incentive costs for their employees to do so.” -Doug Layman, Chief Revenue Officer

Digital remains king: convenient, digital health resources will be key to reaching employees and avoiding burnout

The continued reliance on virtual solutions shouldn’t be a surprise, but still worth emphasizing. The overarching trend that will continue in 2021 is the rise in virtual and digital mental and physical health benefits that meet employees’ unique needs—requiring employer-offered tools that are easily accessible to a fully remote workforce. The key to this trend is the rising demand for tools that address whole body health in one solution.

Employers need to be able to implement virtual and digital health solutions that provide convenience – not additional hurdles. There will be increased emphasis on ease and helping employees understand the link between emotionaland physical health. I expect ‘sleep’ will also become a priority for many employers and employees alike moving forward.” -Todd Whitthorne, Chief Inspiration Officer

“HR will focus on wellness, engagement, and skill development. Wellness now encompasses employees’ physical and mental health, which is why HR needs to offer holistic benefits addressing mind and body. Not only that, but employees who are suffering burnout need additional support to boost engagement to be productive at home. Lastly, we’re in a challenging financial market, meaning hiring may not be an option. Ramping up skill development and investing in training will help the company and its employees in the long run.” -Emily Taylor, Chief Financial & Human Resources Officer

Building resilience: employers will constantly evolve to reduce costs and promote employee growth

Employers will need to focus on evolving while decreasing spend in 2021. These savings will be driven by a new emphasis on the health and wellbeing of their employees, from preventive health programs to innovative ways to redeploy financial resources.

“The status quo will not survive in 2021. Employers will either become stronger and become an example for others to follow or will constantly have trouble meeting objectives. Employers that were already hyper-sensitive to inclusion and improving the overall well-being of their employees will be positioned for growth and prosperity. The key is to always be proactive. As an employer, be in a constant state of evolution when it comes to providing a personalized benefits package focused on the whole health of employees and their families.” -Doug Layman, Chief Revenue Officer

Employers will redeploy financial resources previously dedicated to physical office space to focus on employee wellness, engagement, and training. This is in order to maximize employee stability, productivity, and focus, which will ultimately improve the bottom-line, boost retention and avoid costly insurance claims.” - Emily Taylor, Chief Financial & Human Resources Officer

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