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Naturally Slim® Optimized to Drive Bigger Health Impact for Millions of Americans

May 01, 2018 « Back to The Skinny

Innovative employee benefits solution bolsters flexible digital curriculum and intuitive user experience to build on 10+ years of clinical results and long-term habit change 

DALLAS, TXMay 1, 2018 – Naturally Slim today announced key optimizations to the industry-leading digital behavioral counseling program. The solution has already helped large employee populations and individual participants lose weight, reverse metabolic syndrome and reduce risk for Type 2 diabetes. Naturally Slim received valuable feedback from hundreds of thousands of participants nationwide and incorporated that input into the revamped program to make it even more customized, intuitive and engaging. New features include:

  • Updated curriculum – additional instructors along with a refined curriculum deliver greater focus on personalized skill-building and customized skill-maintenance for long-term adherence
  • Enhanced user experience – personalized dashboards and more sophisticated tracking tools drive user participation and success
  • Reinforced behavior change – program pledges, behavior modeling modules and social rewards push participants toward long-term adherence and change
  • Multifaceted support – more proactive communication and integration of the NSTown online community into the learning experience ensure participants have the guidance they need from professional health coaches and peer-to-peer support 

“We took a very intentional approach in the reimagining of this program,” said Kendall Ramirez, chief experience officer for Naturally Slim. “From evaluating the experience of hundreds of thousands of participants, to mining the feedback they’ve provided, we’ve created a more entertaining, more compelling and more customizable version of the program.”  

“Naturally Slim has made an undeniable impact on the quality of participants’ lives for more than 10 years,” said Dr. Tim Church, chief medical officer for Naturally Slim. “We’ve restored participants’ confidence and control over their health. The program enhancements are designed to guide even more positive change.”       

Since 2007, Naturally Slim has delivered sustained clinical results across the entire participant population including:

  • More than 84 percent of participants have lost weight
  • More than 50 percent have reversed metabolic syndrome (risk factors that can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer and other serious conditions)
  • More than 55 percent reduced their risk for Type 2 diabetes

The Naturally Slim digital curriculum allows participants to learn new health skills on their smartphone, tablet or computer for unlimited flexibility and scalability. The program is available for companies to add to their employee benefits package and can be billed as a preventative healthcare benefit through insurance companies nationwide.  Additionally, individual participants can sign up at

About Naturally Slim®

Naturally Slim® is the leading digital behavioral counseling program focused on metabolic syndrome (MetS) reversal, diabetes prevention and weight management. Naturally Slim has helped thousands of people learn the skills needed to lose weight and maintain that weight loss for the long term. No diets, no calorie counting and no points. Designed and administered by experienced medical professionals and based on the most effective clinical weight loss programs, more than 50 percent of all Naturally Slim participants have reduced their risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. For more information, please visit

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