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Meet our Strategic Client Consultants

Apr 09, 2020
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At present, over 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese —one of the top risk factors for developing complications as a result of contracting COVID-19.

As a result, health care costs continue to grow at unsustainable rates with claims for weight-related conditions, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, musculoskeletal complications, and hypertension steadily multiplying. And when the dust settles on the whirlwind of uncertainty we’re currently living in, many industry professionals are predicting claims related to these conditions to skyrocket. 

With people spending so much time in the workplace (or the current “work-from-home place”)—up to 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime—employers are embracing the opportunity to improve their population’s health and meet employees where they are by offering more digital health solutions. 

However, one of the challenges of offering digital health solutions is getting employees to engage with them, especially now with disrupted routines and new challenges—no school or daycare for children, no gyms, and limited trips to the grocery store.

Here to help solve the engagement conundrum—no matter what is going on in the world—is the new NS Strategic Client Consulting Team.


The inspiration behind the team

American businesses, small and large, continue to struggle with the impacts of obesity on their bottom line. They need new strategies to improve the health of their populations. 

“We recognized that there’s still a lot we could do on our clients’ behalf in helping them improve the health of their employees, lower healthcare costs, and increase profitability. So, we created a team of Strategic Client Consultants to partner with our clients, and we’ve hired the best of the best,” said Doug Layman, Chief Revenue Officer. 

Strategic Client Consultants (SCCs) help Naturally Slim clients meet their health plan objectives by driving employee engagement in all the digital wellness solutions they offer—not just Naturally Slim. A result of this increased long-term engagement is a more resilient, productive workforce primed for retention, which, in turn, helps clients become more competitive in the industry they’re in.

And after the current COVID-19 crisis, a productive, resilient workforce will be essential to the health and mere survival of many businesses.


SCCs are not your traditional account managers

We don’t call Strategic Client Consultants “account managers” for a reason. They’re not. Instead of focusing primarily on management and delivery, our Strategic Client Consultants focus on strategy, offering Naturally Slim clients an insider perspective on how to best maximize weight management and metabolic syndrome (MetS) reversal within their specific populations. 

“The reality of it is, every client, every population, is different. And to get the absolute best possible results, you need someone who’s an expert in the space that makes it their job to get you the best results. That’s what our Strategic Client Consultants do for our clients. SCCs become an extension of a client’s team and advocate for their business at every turn,” said Mary Ellen Anderson, VP of Client Services.


How Naturally Slim clients benefit

Ultimately, Strategic Client Consultants help Naturally Slim clients maximize their return in three core areas—clinical, financial, and cultural—helping them move forward in their industries. 

With complete access to our ample resources and innovative strategies, Naturally Slim SCCs help clients build a culture centered around wellness, even if their employees are working remotely. With this solid foundation in place, the SCCs work to make sure clients achieve results that are less common in today’s market—long-term disease risk reduction and metabolic syndrome reversal—which can help prevent a surge in health care spend post-COVID-19.

“Our goal is to be our clients’ champion, helping them drive results and strategize around challenges. That means becoming students of our clients, becoming an expert in their business and their employee population,” Mary Ellen said.

To do that, the Strategic Client Consultant team will draw from their wealth of experience.


About the Naturally Slim Strategic Client Consulting Team

While their backgrounds are different, their passion for helping employers impact the lives of their employees is the same: inspiring.

“It’s wonderful that this team brings years of experience in the employer-sponsored health and wellness space. But what excites me most is that we’re building a team of people who have committed their careers to making a difference in the lives of employees across the nation. What we do really matters to our strategic client consultants. It drives their every decision, and that passion flows through to our clients,” said Mary Ellen.  

And it’s true. In the words of strategic client consultant Heather Whitaker, “We want to become our clients’ partners, so as their needs grow, we’re growing right along with them. My team and I want to learn who the client is, what their goals are, and how we can embed Naturally Slim and other wellness solutions into their culture so that they’re a natural fit (no pun intended).”


Our big why

We want to partner with our clients on the health and wellness of their populations, so they can weather this current health crisis and continue doing what they do best. That’s always been what drives us. And the creation of this team will help us continue to accomplish this on an even larger, more strategic scale. 

To read more about our strategic client consulting team, view their bios.

To keep your employees healthy and engaged during this time, email your Strategic Client Consultant to get the resources you need.

Or, contact us at to find out how easy it is to launch NS to your employees.

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