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Download the Naturally Slim app to access your Naturally Slim program anytime, anywhere. Learn the psychology-based, lifelong skills for weight loss that sticks, less stress, better sleep, and more—no restrictive diets, calorie-counting, or specialty foods required. With the Naturally Slim program, you’ll learn to change when and how you eat, not what you eat, so you can improve your physical and mental health without giving up the foods you love. Get started or continue your journey now with the app.

By downloading the app, you get:

  • Access to your complete library of personalized lessons from our team of experts
  • Unique and clinically-proven behavior-change skills to improve your whole health
  • Psychology-based tools for building mindful eating skills that form lifelong habits
  • The ability to set goals and monitor your weight & physical activity progress
  • Our 10-5-10 meal timer to make it easier to slow down and savor your food
  • Feedback and support to help you when you need it
  • Prompts and reminders to keep you motivated to reach your health improvement goals
  • Integration with fitness trackers or devices

If you are already enrolled in the Naturally Slim program, just download the app and log in. If you would like to enroll, visit enroll.naturallyslim.com to learn how you can learn lifelong skills to better your health in just ten weeks.