Lose Weight. Not Pleasure.

Learn how to lose weight by changing how you eat instead of what you eat.

There are no foods to buy, no points to count, no guidelines on what you can and can’t eat. Sound too good to be true? The secret to Naturally Slim simply involves learning some new techniques about how and when you should eat. That’s it.

True Thin


Around-the-clock snacking leads to round waistlines. Learning to recognize true hunger is the first step to thin.


Portion control has gotten out of control. Learn how to satisfy your hunger without the need to clear your plate.


Life’s too short to give up birthday parties and BBQs. By recognizing why we eat, you can make sure you don’t miss one important moment.

An online program that’s easy (as pie) to follow.

The Naturally Slim program is a simple online program that uses informative videos and learning tools to teach you how to lose weight and improve your health. It is available via your desktop, laptop or mobile device including apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Retrain your brain.
And your body.

This simple, online program is based on understandings of what people who don’t struggle with their weight do naturally.


10 Weeks

Weekly lessons to
learn new skills


10 Weeks

Weekly personalized


32 Weeks

Customizable lessons
keep the weight off

Supported Devices

Fitbit and other supported devices

Sync your activity device, such as Fitbit® or Apple Watch, or your voice-controlled speaker, such as Amazon Alexa, to help you reach your goals.


Meet the

Marcia Upson


Tim Church

Chief Medical Officer

Todd Whitthorne

BS Kinesiology
Chief Inspiration Officer

Dana Labat

Clinical Psychologist

Meridan Zerner

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Inspirational results:


Lost 26 pounds*


Lost 30 pounds*


Lost 97 pounds*

*Individual results may vary.

Total Pounds Lost: 80*

“I am a 28-year-old mother of two who has been overweight since junior high school. In October of 2007, my mother gave me a membership to Naturally Slim for my birthday. I lost 10 pounds the first week, and for the last two years, I have maintained an 80-pound loss with minimal effort on my part. Naturally Slim has done wonderful things for my husband (who has lost 100 pounds) and me. We highly recommend Naturally Slim to anyone who is looking for a real, lasting weight loss solution.”

Total Pounds Lost: 65*

“In 2007, I weighed 240 pounds. After trying many diets and plans, I decided that fat was my destiny. I started Naturally Slim September 11, 2007, and lost 65 pounds the first year. Three years later I am still enjoying the Naturally Slim lifestyle and all its benefits. As a very busy administrator and nurse, I'm ecstatic to have found a program that is simple, safe, and above all, successful!”

Total Pounds Lost: 70*

“I have lost 70 lbs and for the first time ever I am a size 8 - all from using what I learned from the Naturally Slim program. Participating in the program was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. You learn so much with this program that it will actually change the way you look at food, and you will become a thinner and healthier you!”

*Individual results may vary.

average pounds lost after first 10 weeks**

of participants reversed their diabetes risk**

of participants reversed their metabolic syndrome**

**Results based on published study in Journal of Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorders.

See how Naturally Slim can benefit your company or patients.


Obese employees have higher medical expenses and absentee rates than people at a healthy weight, costing employers money in higher healthcare costs and lost productivity. The healthier your staff, the healthier your bottom line.

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Healthcare Providers

Obesity is linked to more than 60 diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Weight loss is the best medicine for getting your patients back on the road to healthy — no prescription necessary.

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