Poor health is costing you and your employees more than you know.

Average healthcare costs for individuals with:

Normal body
mass index
(BMI = 19)

Overweight body
mass index
(BMI = 28)

Obese body
mass index
(BMI = 45)

Source: Duke Medicine, December 2013

Excess body fat, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and abnormal cholesterol levels increase the risk of chronic diseases that cost you and your employees both financially and in lost productivity.

Naturally Slim is a world-class clinical behavioral weight loss program that will help change all that.

We have helped hundreds of companies across the nation reduce healthcare costs.

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Baylor Scott & White Health
Baylor University
Bigelow Family Tea
Brinker International
Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy
Mercy Health
Oklahoma State University
Overhead Door
Southern Methodist University
Southwest Airlines
Texas A&M University
University of Texas System

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University of Texas System

“We are hearing nothing but positive feedback. In the 22 years I’ve been in this position, this is the only benefit we’ve ever offered that gives us continuous positive feedback.”

American Airlines

“This is a program that works. We are seeing really good early trends as we evaluate the healthcare expenditures year to year but, more importantly, we have team members who feel good and are smiling & engaging with our customers in turn making them feel good.”

State of Kansas

“We were looking for this type of program for a long time. Not only is it the easiest wellness program we've ever implemented but it is also the most successful one we've ever implemented.”

Genesis Health System

“We launched this wellness program to control our costs and avoid the alarming trend of double-digit percentage increases in healthcare costs, we never expected to save millions of dollars or experience a negative investment.”

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A scalable, self-paced online program guaranteed to improve employee health or it’s 100% free.

Why does metabolic syndrome matter and how can we reverse it?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of risk factors that increase a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more. At its core, the Naturally Slim program helps your employees reverse metabolic syndrome by developing positive eating habits that promote proper body weight and good health.

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a combination of 3 or more risk factors that increase the likelihood of heart disease & diabetes.

Fasting blood glucose 100+mg/dl

The Naturally Slim program teaches participants how to eat in a way that leads to measurable, sustainable weight loss and better health.

As people become overweight, they greatly increase their risk of serious chronic diseases, driving up healthcare costs and absentee rates in the process. In short, obesity is bad for business. Our program gives your company a proven way to measurably improve the health of your employees. Because Naturally Slim is delivered online to your employees, it is scalable for both large and small workforces regardless of their physical location. And, since all the program administration is handled by the Naturally Slim team, the program is simple and turnkey to roll out to your employees.


50.7% no longer have Metabolic Syndrome**


31% no longer have elevated waist circumference**


29% no longer have elevated fasting glucose**


31% no longer have high blood pressure**


40% no longer have elevated triglycerides**

**Results based on published study in Journal of Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorders.