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Contractor - Branding Project

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Naturally Slim® is embarking upon a major rebranding campaign and is seeking the assistance of an outside agency or independent contractor to help us with our name, look, feel, website and messaging etc. The first step in the process is to help us calibrate and gain a foundational sense of where we are in the market by conducting in depth internal and external research in key areas such as but not limited to:

  • Conduct brand competitor research (both business-to-business and business-to-consumer)
  • Review current Naturally Slim (NS) brand positioning in the market
  • Identify potential brand/design differentiators for NS in the market
  • Explore competitor and market trends in order to pinpoint assets that will stand out (logos, colors, key graphic items, photography applications, etc.)
  • Understand current product offering and help to develop differentiated mission statement and brand messaging to identify the pieces that can influence and inspire the meaning behind the logo and future brand
  • Understand Naturally Slim’s positioning in the hearts and minds of its participants, clients and general following by interviewing clients and participants and reviewing Naturally Slim’s social media presence, website, proprietary online community—NS Town, message boards, product review sites, etc.
  • Experience the Naturally Slim product as a participant by going through the program
  • Conduct market research to review all current marketing assets. Find out which pieces are doing well or doing poorly in the market to identify what stands out to customers and employers
  • Create mood boards exploring the following ideas surrounding the brand: colors, logos, shapes, patterns, key elements for look / feel of the brand, photo application
  • Ideate on new product names and various logos, font pairings, patterns, key graphic elements & photography applications


  1. Provide detailed project timeline, including timing for deliverables
  2. Provide detailed report on research findings and recommendations related to:
    • Competitor research (B2B and B2C)
    • Naturally Slim’s standing in the marketplace and identified gaps
    • Participant and client feedback analysis
    • B2B and B2C points of differentiation in messaging and look and feel
  3. Provide branding recommendations including potential product names, mission statement, brand messaging, colors, logos, design elements, photography, and overall creative direction

Ideal Agency or Contractor: This project is a 45-50-day assignment and will require “some” travel to Dallas and potential on site meetings with clients or sales members.  Looking for someone who has built a brand or rebranded a product in the healthcare space and preferably someone who understands employer sponsored healthcare. Agency experience also a bonus.

Remuneration:  This assignment will pay up to $85 per hour for 50 days of work or ~400 hours. Usual and customary travel expenses covered. There are no benefits associated with this assignment. 

To apply, email