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Tips for Tailgates

Tips for Tailgates

Nov 05, 2018 « Back to The Skinny

Football season is in full swing, and sometimes it can seem hard to stick to the program at that tailgate, watching party, and especially in the stadium- but all you really need is a game plan.

Here are a few tips so you can keep watching your team win even though you’re losing (weight that is!).

1. Come hungry

Through the Naturally Slim program, you have been learning how to gauge your hunger patterns. Put it to use! Make sure to arrive to the event at a Level 3, so that you’re not tempted to eat when you’re not really hungry. 

2. Get in the game 

Get in the game and help plan the menu! Helping plan the menu is the perfect way to make sure that your favorite foods will be there. Bring your favorite dish along with you to the watch party or tailgate. Not only will your host appreciate the help, but you can make sure you’re eating exactly what you want to eat. 

3. Choose an all-star lineup 

You wouldn't put in your third-string quarterback during the championship game. The same principle should apply to your food. Take a good look at the food available, and choose the foods that you're really craving and really want to eat. Once you've decided, then you can fill your plate with your favorite foods. That way you'll be left feeling satisfied and comfortably full. 

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