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Survivor's Guilt in the Workplace

Survivor's Guilt in the Workplace

Jun 05, 2020 « Back to The Skinny

You may already be familiar with grief on a personal level. What you might not realize is that there’s a whole other layer of grief on a professional level.

Since every organization has been impacted in some way, that means every one of its employees has been, too. Company leaders like you are making tough decisions every day to protect their people and keep things afloat. Inevitably, there’s been fallout.

So now, while juggling the stressors of keeping things balanced for your family within the walls of your own homes, you’re also having to make critical decisions that affect the livelihoods of your extended “work families” — many of those decisions include large furloughs and layoffs. It also includes helping your employees cope with added anxiety and fears and walking with them through sickness and death.

In case you haven’t been able to put your finger on what to call the weighty feeling that follows, it is its own form of survivor’s guilt in the workplace we’ll call career grief.

Leaders like you are human, and you need ways to manage and cope, as well. Career grief is real. It’s powerful. But so are the ways you can process it. Click here to learn how.