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Spring Clean Your Routine: How to Kick Start the New Season

Spring Clean Your Routine: How to Kick Start the New Season

Apr 08, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clean out your home. You’ll feel accomplished, minimize clutter, and get a fresh start. Why not give your routine a refresh, too?

Even if you’ve been following the same routine for a while and want to make a change but don’t know where to start—we’ve got you.

Here are four ways you can easily give your stale routine the spring clean it needs!


1. Get to bed earlier

Believe it or not, you DO need more than the nightly six hours of sleep you’re getting! The recommended amount of sleep is seven to nine hours each night. That’ll help you feel and function at your best. It’ll also help you regulate your hunger and boost your productivity.

Try making a goal of getting to bed five minutes earlier every night until you consistently get to bed at a time that lets you get seven to nine hours!


2.  Cut out snacking

Snacking is so easy to do—especially if you’re sedentary all day long. Snacking around the clock means you’ll never feel hunger, which can lead to overeating and extra pounds. Cutting out snacking can help you learn when you’re truly hungry and enjoy the meals you eat.

So, listen to your body. If you don’t feel physical hunger signals, wait to eat until you do!


3. Set a schedule

Spring cleaning your routine means revamping and resetting your schedule. Exercising here and there, or only occasionally making it to work on time, creates dissonance in your day.

Create an exercise schedule, wake up at the same time each day, or introduce a new nighttime routine that relaxes and recharges you for the next day. We are creatures of habit, after all. And making your habits good ones goes a long way toward boosting productivity and helping curb anxiety.

A yellow-gloved hand makes the okay symbol.

4. Ditch distractions

Do you consistently have Netflix pulled up on the elliptical, take business calls while you walk, or have the TV on in the background all day? These distractions keep you from being mindful about your exercise, your personal time, and even your time at work. Getting rid of these time-suckers will help you focus on the task at hand and make the most of each part of your new routine.

Try practicing mindful meditation for a few minutes each day and see if it helps increase your focus or reduce stress.

There are lots of different ways to break the norm and try something new in your routine. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try several things to figure out what works for you!