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Meet Naturally Slim Success Story, Jennifer!

Meet Naturally Slim Success Story, Jennifer!

Nov 05, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

With a sedentary job and arthritis pain keeping her from being as active as she used to be, Jennifer was beginning to think she would never lose the 30 pounds that seem to have snuck up on her. She is now down three sizes and feeling better than ever. Here's her story: 

What brought you to Naturally Slim?

As a kid growing up in California, I always enjoyed running, walking and dance.  As an adult, I added tennis, basketball and aerobics to my hobbies.  However, I also added a career with more responsibility and sedentary office time, restricted and/or rushed meal times and more snacks. I gained weight gradually, but after arthritis set in, I could not engage in all the athletic activities that I previously enjoyed.

What was your life like before NS?

I outgrew so many of my clothes and bought jackets, tunics, and other clothing that would hide the weight gain.  The final straw, however, was that my arthritis was so painful that I had to have hip replacement surgery on my right side. Although I had had success with another weight loss program earlier in life, I do not have the time to devote to calorie/point counting anymore.  I became somewhat depressed that I would ever be able to lose the 30 pounds that I put on.

What have you learned through NS?

With the first lesson, I observed habits that I had fallen into that caused my weight gain and did not allow me to lose weight. I had been eating way too fast and only out of habit before I was actually hungry.  I also learned techniques to reduce my sugar craving and craving for snacks.  The H2Orange mixture is a modern-day miracle as far as I am concerned.  Also, the use of only certain snacks makes shopping and decisions on snacking so much easier.

What have you gained from NS?

The slow, mindful eating through the use of the 10-5-10 clock and tiny bites is priceless.  It not only allows you to really taste the food, but to close the office door and focus on the food (and food only) for a defined period of time.  Most people can wait less than 30 minutes for an answer, even to text messages. Most of all, however, I like that the techniques are reviewable, repeatable and simple for those times when you’ve regained those “fluff pounds.”