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Meet Naturally Slim Participant, Joel!

Meet Naturally Slim Participant, Joel!

Oct 03, 2019 « Back to The Skinny


I sit in an office most days, and most days I don’t feel like being particularly active after work. I enjoy snacking, eating often, and yes, the occasional glass of wine or beer. I am 6’2” tall, in my mid-forties, and have weighed from 210 to 215 lbs. for the past twenty years, never really gaining or losing much weight. I have often felt I could do better but was not able to find a ‘diet plan’ worth sticking with long enough to make a difference. And frankly, I could easily justify being a few pounds overweight even if I wasn’t happy with the way I felt.


The Naturally Slim program has made a difference in my life. The program has given me the framework in which [I could] easily drop down to and maintain a healthy weight that I am comfortable with, without letting food control my life any longer.


At first, I set a goal of getting down to 200 lbs. thinking it’s not really going to happen, but if it did, there was certainly no way I was going to keep it off.


To my surprise I was able to make my goal within the first ten weeks of the program. I simply followed a few of the key Naturally Slim principals, and it felt easy. I set another goal of losing 5 more lbs., then another, and yet another as I continued to have success. After 5 months I lost just under 25 lbs. and I am now down to a very comfortable 185 lbs. I am now easily maintaining my target weight, and I love it.


I am more confident than I have been in 20 years and I can fit into everything I have in the closet without worrying about something being too tight. I no longer keep clothes in my closet thinking “one day I’ll be able to fit into that.”


For me the weight loss averages about 1 lb. per week. It’s easily sustainable and I don’t feel like I’m doing any extra work. I don’t track calories, I don’t avoid sugars (though I choose only what I really want), and I am eating whatever sounds good to me at mealtime.


The success I’ve had comes down to a few of the key principals the Naturally Slim program emphasizes: eat slowly, only eat when I’m actually hungry, and It’s perfectly ok to leave food on my plate. There are many other great concepts and skills that are introduced throughout the program, but I found that these three have been most instrumental in my success. On days that I struggle I find myself thinking through those.


Eating slowly comes with several benefits. First, I’m tasting and enjoying my food. Imagine that; actually tasting, enjoying, feeling, and knowing what I’m eating! Second, I don’t eat as much because by the time the second round is being served, I’m already feeling full. I’ve been able to recognize the difference of being physically hungry and the emotional hunger, which for me comes in the form of a craving, boredom, or simply being tired.


It was also very interesting to me that I had a fear of being without food. I was afraid that if I didn’t eat every couple of hours, my body would fail, or I would go into some sort of shock. Now I can comfortably skip breakfast (though I choose to eat breakfast if something looks really tasty) or easily go five to six hours or more before starting the next meal.


I have always been a ‘grazer’, meaning I love crunchy, salty snacks. Yes, I find that I still fall into that trap when I am ‘emotionally’ hungry and will look down to see a bag of pretzels or chips in my hand. I now have the will power to stop, close the bag, and put it away. Then I grab a glass of water.


I am still far from perfect, and there are days when I don’t do great. But I put those days behind me and continue moving forward. One particularly helpful topic the Naturally Slim program covers is the concept of visceral fat vs. fat on your body that hasn’t ‘set in’ yet. The idea is that you had a vacation or a big weekend where perhaps you gained a few pounds. That weight is much easier to lose in the first day or two afterwards. Go back to the basics, think about when and how much you’re eating, and you will be surprised how quickly you will be back to your target weight.


I have been successfully using the principles of the Naturally Slim program for just over 6 months. The concepts are simple and easy to follow, and as a result they have become a natural part of my life. I go out to lunch with my co-workers wherever they want to go, I eat whatever my family is eating for dinner, and more than ever I am more comfortable with who I am. 


Thanks for sharing your Naturally Slim success story with us, Joel!