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Joe’s Story: How learning how to eat mindfully changed his outlook on life.

Joe’s Story: How learning how to eat mindfully changed his outlook on life.

Jan 21, 2020 « Back to The Skinny

Joe has lost 85 pounds on the Naturally Slim program and says the benefits go way beyond the improvements he’s seen in his physical health. Read his story as he shares how he was able to completely transform his health and a few of the lessons he’s learned along the way.


Joe's Success Story!

Tell us about your Naturally Slim experience.
So far, I have lost 85 pounds with Naturally Slim, going from severely obese to a healthy weight range.  I have gone down 9 inches in my pants size and 3 sizes down in shirts.  My health data has also shown improvements. My cholesterol has gone down and heart rate has stabilized with the combination of weight loss, better food choices, and exercise.

What surprised you most about the program?
How simple it is.  The fundamental concepts of the program are simple to follow and grounded in a realistic and sustainable approach.  For example, only eating at a “Level 3” hunger and slowing down when eating to prevent overeating.  The principles may not be easy to follow at all times, but they are always simple. And with time, help to form healthy food habits to keep sustainable results.

What was the most challenging thing to you during the program?
In the beginning it took a while for me to understand a “Level 2” versus a “Level 3” hunger. It just took some time to understand my own body's cues and realize when it's hungry. After a lifetime of eating with no rhyme or reason, it was challenging to not mindlessly eat at first.  After that it was a challenge for me to exercise... but week by week, as I lost weight, I became more motivated to exercise and it was less exhausting and painful on my body.

How would you describe the program to a friend?
As a tool to use to keep yourself accountable, coupled with resources tailored to your weight loss goals.  With everything in life, it is what you make of it.  The program gives you the knowledge and tracking tools that you need to succeed—it is up to you to use them and succeed with them.

What was a favorite food that you enjoyed while losing weight on Naturally Slim?
Spicy General Tso's Chicken with extra Chili Oil is my favorite food to eat, and I would eat it on occasion. While it’s not the healthiest thing, in moderation and control using the principles of the program, it allowed me to indulge while still losing weight.  I also found that a couple of weeks into the program, my tastes/cravings had changed since sugar detoxing.  Now I actually enjoy healthier food choices like oatmeal and salad (without having to add sugar, dressings, etc.), whereas before they seemed to taste so differently plain. It's like my taste palette has changed and I enjoy the flavors of food better now.  When you stop to actually taste your food (instead of eating it so quickly) it's so much more satisfying.  

What is something you can do now that you couldn't or didn't before Naturally Slim?
Mindful eating.  Now I take a moment to reflect before I eat and ask myself, “am I actually hungry?”.  If I'm not, I will find something else to do, and if I am then I will eat a meal.

What advice would you give to someone starting Naturally Slim?
To keep an open mind and just follow the principles. If you're like me, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  Stay positive and honest with yourself. Reflect on your progress each week and evaluate what worked for you this week. Think about some of the challenges you experienced and create a game plan of how you will be successful this week.

What is the biggest impact Naturally Slim has made on your life?
It has had such a great impact on my life.  Other than the physical health benefits of losing 85 pounds, it has also improved my mental health.  I now look at things in my life with a can-do attitude and often in a more positive light.

Thanks for inspiring us with your story, Joe! 

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