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How NOT to Fall Off the Wagon While at Home

How NOT to Fall Off the Wagon While at Home

May 01, 2020 « Back to The Skinny

It’s not easy to ignore the uncertainty in the world right now. We’re staying home, we’re washing our hands, and we’re sanitizing everything that crosses our front doors. 

The temptation to give into old habits to help cope with states of extreme stress can be overwhelming, especially when you have to stay home a lot more than usual. How on earth are you supposed to stay on top of your health and nutrition goals while practicing social isolation?

We know that this is a lot to handle. In light of that, we have compiled six tips to help you make sure that you don’t fall off the wagon while doing your part and staying home for public health and safety.


Check out these 6 healthy habits to keep you on the wagon and on track toward reaching your health goals:

(We made short videos for each topic, too! To watch these videos, click the headers in blue below. 

Manage stress and anxiety with intentional deep breathing

Make sure that you are breathing all the way into your belly, and not breathing high into your ribcage. Place your hands over your belly, and inhale slowly through your nose, and exhale slowly through the mouth for a few seconds, and see how you feel. 

Take daily power naps

Take a 15 to 20-minute nap in the afternoon to help you get over that midday energy slump. Make sure that you keep it to 20 minutes unless you have the time to commit to a 90-minute nap. 

Make sure your sleep is quality sleep

 Follow the three golden rules for sleep:

  1. Determine how much sleep you need.
  2. Establish a regular sleeping and waking schedule—be consistent, even on the weekends.
  3. Get one long, continuous block of sleep. 

Stay active

Even while sheltering in place, it’s important to get outside and get moving! Going for a walk or a run is good for your physical health, but it’s good for your mental health as well.

Manage boredom without food

It’s really easy to find yourself eating to fill the time. When you find yourself in the pantry, stop and ask yourself if you’re really hungry, or if you’re simply trying to find something to do.

Boost your immune system

  1. Move your body a little every day by walking or exercising. (If you can, go outside!)
  2. Make sure that you’re eating nutritious foods.
  3. Make sleep a top priority. 

We may be apart physically, but by following these tips, we will all continue to grow healthier together.

Stay strong, and stay well!


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