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Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Meridan Zerner

Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Meridan Zerner

Sep 25, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Meridan Zerner, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Naturally Slim® Instructor, sat down with our Copywriter, Emily Zoscak, to chat about why she loves what she does, her favorite way to work out, and the importance of finding a solid support system. (Watch the video version here!)

Emily Zoscak (EZ): Meridan! It’s so great to sit down with you. Thanks for joining us.

Meridan Zerner (MZ): Happy to be here!


EZ: We’re so glad. First up, do you mind sharing a bit about your credentials?

MZ: I’m a registered and licensed dietitian, a certified specialist in sports and performance dietetics, and I’m also a certified wellness coach.


EZ: Awesome. Where did you grow up?

MZ: So, I grew up in Maryland, but my dad was in the military, so we actually moved every three years. So, I’m mostly from the East Coast, but I’ve been in Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and of course, Texas for many years now.


EZ: And how did you get into health and wellness?

MZ: So, I will tell you that I was interested in health and wellness even as a teenager. But it was kind of a hobby or an interest. It didn’t really occur to me until college that, “You know what? I can really help people here. I could make a career out of this.”

Later, I changed career paths and have been in health and wellness for the last 30 years.


EZ: That’s really cool. Your passion for health and wellness really shows. I’d love to know why you’re passionate about it?

MZ: I am passionate about health and wellness because I’ve had the opportunity to really see folks make meaningful change. And to walk with them in that journey, to support them in that journey, has been the driving force in my staying in this field and wanting to continue in this field. 


EZ: Love that. Being on my own health and wellness journey, I know that slip-ups happen. So, what’s a mistake you see people make when they’re trying to build healthy habits?

MZ: I feel like folks have the drive, they have the desire to make a change, and sometimes, they go down a rabbit hole with a program or an idea or a supplement or an expensive radical plan that just doesn’t give them a certain return on energy investment.

Some of these things are so brief and unsustainable. I feel like that’s the biggest challenge when folks are trying to make reasonable, meaningful change.


EZ: That’s fair. We hear many participants say they feel overwhelmed having tried so many things, but that Naturally Slim really works for them. And I’m curious to know what’s something you really love about Naturally Slim? 

MZ: I think it’s always interesting to look at our team as a whole. You have so many invested, intelligent, loving individuals on this team with years and years of experience to do the legwork for the participants. Like, we have been there. We have looked at all the research. We have looked at what people are doing that makes them successful.

I love this team—the background, the mission. Completely worthy.


EZ: We really have a great team! So, what would you say makes Naturally Slim different than other programs?

MZ: So, Naturally Slim, to me, is a program that’s going to be rooted in behavior change. And that I think is the difference between Naturally Slim and other programs out there that you might see.


EZ: I agree. That’s great! Alright. It’s time for the lightning round! First up, what’s your favorite way to work out?

MZ: It kind of depends on the day. Some days I have more energy, and I might do a bike ride. Some days, I, uh… have two teenagers, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep, so I might do a yoga class. I really appreciate all of them. I think just a power walk with some amazing music might be my first choice.


EZ: Favorite food?

MZ: I’m going to go gummy bears on that. My favorite food is absolutely gummy bears. Swedish Fish are a close second.


EZ: Dogs or cats? 

MZ: I’m absolutely a dog lover. I’ve got two dogs, both are rescue pups, and they are the light of my life.


EZ: Favorite movie or book? 

MZ: Right now, I’m reading The Book of Awakening, and I’ve got to go with that as my favorite book. It’s just a lot of life advice, guidance, and stories that are positive that help me with my own positive mindset.


EZ: Coffee or tea?

MZ: Sooooo, coffee. Sooo so, coffee. And preferably two cups, thank you!


EZ: Talking or texting?

MZ: I am old-school, so I really appreciate the talking piece. The eye-to-eye. The ability to look at body language and get a sense of tone. But you know what, I’m totally open to any form of communication. So, if I gotta text, I’ll text.


EZ: Any parting words of advice?

MZ: My advice to anyone trying to get healthier is to create a positive mindset. And that can be very intentional, and it takes practice! And to recruit a really solid support team and whether that’s a health coach or a dietitian or it’s supportive family members, there are going to be times when you just need that helping hand, and to set yourself up for success that way.

Check out Meridan's Instructor profile on YouTube HERE.

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