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Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Health Coach, Robin Patton

Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Health Coach, Robin Patton

Apr 30, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Robin Patton, LMSW and Health Coach here at Naturally Slim, sat down with our Copywriter, Emily Zoscak, to talk about why she’s passionate about health and wellness, how she got her start at Naturally Slim, and what she wants everyone to know about building healthy habits. (Watch the video version here!)


Emily Zoscak (EZ): Thanks for agreeing to chat with us, Robin! To start, let’s dive into how you started your career in health and wellness.

Robin Patton (RP): I got my master’s in social work because I love to help people—I’m a helper. I’ve worked at a children’s hospital in the emergency room, and I’ve also worked in a program for people with different abilities to help them get help in their homes.

EZ: How long have you worked here at Naturally Slim?

RP: 11 years—11 glorious years.


EZ: That’s great! At what point did you know you wanted to be a part of the Naturally Slim team long term?

RP: I knew that I wanted to help people, and so when I learned that Naturally Slim was a program that helped people improve their quality of life and have time with their kids, their grandkids, and their spouses, I knew that was somewhere I wanted to be. And so, it was really about understanding Naturally Slim and seeing the impact it could have and understanding I wanted to be a part of that.


EZ: What’s been one of your proudest moments here at Naturally Slim? 

RP: When I started at Naturally Slim over a decade ago, we were really just getting started, and we could only do small groups at a time. This was when the program was taught in-person. At that time, we were thinking, “How in the world are we doing to get this program to people across the country?”

The first day we had 40,000 people start the program on the same day was just this moment of, “look at all the lives we’re able to touch. We’ve worked so hard to get here, and here we are.” It really just showed we were making a difference.


EZ: What’s one of the biggest mistakes you see people make when they’re trying to build healthy habits?

RP: They try to do too many things at one time. So, they start the Naturally Slim program, and they start boot camp, and they decide they’re going to get up in the morning and meditate an hour a day. None of those things by themselves are bad, but we can only take so much change at a time. And so, we see people try to make all these drastic changes all at once, and when one of them doesn’t work out, it all kind of crumbles. And we’re all kind of all-or-nothing, so if one thing quits working, then we give up the rest. So, starting one thing at a time, and once you get that down moving onto the next thing is a better approach.


EZ: What advice would you give someone who just started their Naturally Slim journey?

RP: Start small, and I’d say any success is a success. I mentioned earlier how we’re all-or-nothing. If you can only do one or two things those first few days, that’s great! You did one or two things. Don’t think about the things you didn’t do. And then you can slowly add more things in over time.


EZ: What makes Naturally Slim different than other programs?

RP: Naturally Slim teaches you how to enjoy the foods you really love and lose weight. We’re not going to limit you or give you a list of “should” foods and “shouldn’t” foods. There’s not going to be a day of the week where you have to eat all of the food that you actually want to eat so the rest of the week you can follow your regimen.

And another difference I really love about Naturally Slim is the heart of the people I work with. We all really want to help others. That’s our goal. That’s what we’re talking about in meetings, and that’s why I’ve been here for so long.


EZ: What’s your favorite part about working at Naturally Slim?

RP: Hearing participant stories—hearing from you! One of our favorite stories that still makes us tear up is one where a participant shares how her son can wrap his arms around her and hug her for the first time. And there’s one where a participant shares how they got to go hike with their kids, and it’s something they’ve never been able to do before. I also love hearing how people are excited knowing they’re going to be around to make memories and enjoy those memories. These kinds of stories are the things we’re really working every day for.


EZ: Alright. Time for the lightning round. First up, what do you like to do in your free time?

RP: Hang with my kids. That is my free time—running around playing Barbie!

EZ: Favorite way to work out?

RP: Yoga. If I need something a little bit more, then I like to get outside with my girls and move around the neighborhood with them.

EZ: Favorite color?

RP: Blue.

EZ: Biggest pet peeve?

RP: I don’t know! I don’t get annoyed that easily.

EZ: Sourdough or wheat bread?

RP: Sourdough.

EZ: Coffee or tea?

RP: Coffee.

EZ: Talking or texting?

RP: Talking.

EZ: Favorite holiday?

RP: Fourth of July! It’s the biggest holiday in my family.


EZ: Any parting words, thoughts, or advice for our readers?

RP: Don’t beat yourself up over anything that goes wrong. Always focus on what you’ve done well and build on those things. I think we get so used to “cheating” or “falling off the wagon” or whatever it is. Don’t look at it that way.

If you eat the cake, at least you didn’t eat the plate and china that went with it. You start the next meal, and you pick back up again. Continue, and you’ll be successful over time. You’re going to have, as Todd would say, “hills and valleys.” And that’s totally fine! Get back up that hill once you get out of that valley.

EZ: Awesome. Thanks, Robin! This was great.

Program participants can catch Robin and our other health coaches inside NSTown. And everyone else, consider giving Naturally Slim a try. Or let your employer know you’d like them to offer the program