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Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Health Coach, Holly Collins

Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Health Coach, Holly Collins

Nov 08, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Holly Collins, one of our wonderful health coaches here at Naturally Slim®, sat down with our copywriter, Emily Zoscak, to talk about her experience in the health and wellness industry, how she views food, and why Naturally Slim is the first program she agreed to work with. (Watch the video version here!)

Emily Zoscak (EZ): Holly! Thanks so much for joining us. It’s great to have you! Mind telling us a bit about yourself?

Holly Collins (HC): I’m so glad to be here! I have been with Naturally Slim for three years, and I have been in the industry for over 25. And I have so many different things in my background.

I have taught aerobics. I have trained with Pilates. I have personal trained. I have certifications in all of those areas, as well as a health coach certification in nutrition. So, I graduated Baylor with a health fitness minor in nutrition.

EZ: That’s great. What makes you passionate about working in this industry?

HC: I am passionate about health and wellness because I had a family that was inactive. And inactivity is what worried me most. I felt like I saw what happens to older adults when they’re inactive, and younger as well.

And, I think it was important that, for me, I wanted to be kind of a game-changer. I wanted to be someone who made the change for people to understand that activity does not mean hard-core. It’s just I don’t want you inactive. I want you moving and grooving so that you can do that as you age.

EZ: That makes sense. Can you talk a little bit about any mistakes you see people make when they’re just starting to focus on their health and wellness? 

HC: I think, truthfully, the most common mistakes that I have seen, just even in my years of doing this, is that people want a quick fix, and they also fall into the trap of what’s cool at the moment and what’s the fad. Instead of saying, “Hold on. How are we supposed to eat? Am I hungry? What is actually what fuels us?” 

I’ve always said, even my daughters joke with me. I’m like, “Food is fuel!” And that’s what it’s used for. And it should be that only. If we look way back in the days when our great-great-great-grandmothers were eating, you’d find out that their eating patterns were nothing like ours. And so, I think that is the biggest problem that people have. Is that they need to lose it now, and they fall trap into what’s cool and what doesn’t actually work.

EZ: Instant gratification can definitely get in the way of a lot of people’s success. Any advice for avoiding it?

HC: I would definitely say, don’t fall into a trap. Don’t fall into the trap of what’s really cool right now or what’s the latest diet. It doesn’t have to be fast. You put on the weight over time, you’ve got to take it off over time. So, you need to find things that work for you, but you really need to focus on… how should we eat?

EZ: Excellent. So, how does Naturally Slim help with that? What makes it different from other programs? 

HC: I’ve seen a lot of programs and been a part of a lot of programs. This is the first program that I said, “Ok, I actually will work for this program,” because it, it meets what I’ve been saying to people forever.

Food is fuel. You need to feed your body when it’s hungry. And it is so important that people stop trying to find these, these quick fixes and say, “Ok, what really is going to work?” It’s a long time. You should be able to eat how you’re going to eat forever.

And if you’re doing something that you can’t maintain forever, it’s not going to work. So that is what I love about Naturally Slim. Is it is taking it back to the basics, and you hear us say that all the time with our skills and principles, but I’m saying back to the basics of how we were meant to be fueled. 

EZ: That’s great! All right. Time for our lightning round. First up, what’s your favorite way to work out? 

HC: My favorite way to work out is… I love Tabata, and I love yoga. Now, let me tell you, I’m not doing it all the time.

EZ: Favorite food?

HC: I have a mix up with favorite foods. I think for me, its either going to be sushi or pizza.

EZ: How about your favorite holiday?

HC: All the holidays that start from October to December. I love them all. That’s my favorite time.

EZ: Sourdough or wheat bread?

HC: Oh, I like most breads. I like them all.

EZ: Dogs or cats?

HC: Oh, you cannot ask me that because I am a dog and a cat girl, and yes, mine are best friends.

EZ: Writing by hand or typing?

HC: Um, I wish it was by hand, but it’s typing.

EZ: Me too. Ok, any parting words of advice?

HC: I think for the big thing is, is decide to give it a chance. If you’re going to do something, then go ahead and commit all in and give it a chance.

I think the biggest thing that I’m seeing with a lot of participants is that they tell us that they don’t have time for the videos. Truth be told, I have three kids, I have a job, I have crazy pet issues all the time with my animals. But you can find, just like I can find 15 minutes to sit down and watch a Netflix show, you can find 15 minutes a day, or even 30 minutes a week, to watch a 10-minute video. So, I think that’s my bit of advice, is hold yourself accountable. You can do it.

Want more advice from Holly? Chat with her on NSTown®!