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Food for Thought: How to Stay on Track This Halloween

Food for Thought: How to Stay on Track This Halloween

Oct 28, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Hello all! It's Meridan, your Naturally Slim dietitian, with a few thoughts on a different kind of "Candy Crush"... Halloween! (Read below or watch the video here!)

Approximately 70% of us participate in Halloween—aka temptation nation/sugar overload/those-fun-size-bars-aren’t-so-fun. And doing so can make sticking to your weight and health goals a bit challenging!

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out. It simply means you should create a plan to enjoy Halloween AND stay on track. That way, you can ensure that only the costumes are “SCARY”—not the weight regain.

To begin with, have clear goals for the days leading up to the 31st and have a specific plan for the actual day of Halloween. (If you’re in the Naturally Slim program, we can help you create that plan! If you’d like help, simply reach out to your coaches in NSTown®!)

Do your best to take the focus off the candy by delaying the purchase of treats AND by placing them out of sight as soon as you do get them… out of sight, out of mind! This may help reduce temptation.

If your plan includes enjoying some candy on the big night (and that’s totally ok if it does), use your skills to pick just a few of your FAVORITE pieces and savor them, slowly and mindfully. After you’ve enjoyed your treats, consider brushing your teeth or popping in some sugar-free mint gum to reset your palate.

Also, it really is okay to be “that house,” meaning you can choose to protect your waistline and offer non-food items such as:

• Glow sticks or small glow-in-the-dark toys
• Play-Doh
• Bouncy balls
• Crayons
• Bubbles
• Stickers or temporary tattoos

And if you have children, consider creating a plan with them before you go out trick-or-treating. Where will their candy be stored? How many pieces can they have each day? Can the candy be donated or traded for a gift card or a prize?

Get creative and prioritize your health goals!

Want a few tips for a SAFE Halloween?

Here are some for you and your family courtesy of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)!