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Choose Action Over Intention

Choose Action Over Intention

May 20, 2020 « Back to The Skinny

Are you an “Intender?” Intenders are folks convinced they’ll establish a habit in the future… just not today. They have intentions, which is a great first step toward making change. But they’re missing the essential next step—follow through.

Essentially, Intenders spend a lot of time thinking about working toward their goals, waiting for that perfect moment where they feel motivated and can focus only on themselves, without life’s commitments getting in the way.

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There’s nothing wrong with being an Intender. We’re all Intenders in different areas of our life. But here’s the truth: The perfect moment we Intenders are waiting for, the one that’s going to inspire us to turn our intentions into action, isn’t coming. Because while there may be “better” and “worse” times in life to start a new venture or routine, there will never be a perfect time to start working on who you want to be.

And there’s no need to feel bad about that either. That’s reality. Life keeps moving, emotions keep flowing, and things keep happening—even when it seems like the world is at a standstill (kind of like right now).

That’s why the time to start working on reaching your goals, especially your health goals, is now—exactly where you are, as you are—even if you’re nervous or having doubts. (And yes, we mean right now in this current state of uncertainty.)

In fact, now might be a better time to start. Because while everything feels rather up in the air at the moment, the future will be here before we know it, whether we’re ready for it or not.

Currently, we have fewer obligations and more opportunities to check in with our families and friends. We have more time to set aside for establishing routines that were hard to work into our day-to-day lives before. And with NS, you have the tools you need to start losing weight and improving your health—both mental and physical.

How NS Can Help You Take Action

Based on the name, you might think Naturally Slim is just a weight loss solution. But don’t let the name fool you. Naturally Slim is a wellness program that’ll teach you how to lose weight, improve your health, reduce your daily stress, sleep better, and move more—all without giving up your favorite foods or having to go to the gym.

Participating in NS is not just about dropping pounds. It’s about developing a healthier lifestyle where you become more aware of your body and what it needs so you can turn intention into action and make consistent progress without feeling defeated.

During the program, you’ll have access to NSTown®, our online community of NS participants and health coaches. Here, you can get support, ask for advice, swap stories, and share tips. Plus, you can access the program on your smartphone or computer, making it easy to participate.

It's Time to Turn This Moment into an Opportunity

We owe it to ourselves to take advantage of this rare moment. Now is the time to start (or restart) NS. Because if you can take the small steps needed to improve your life now, you’ll absolutely be able to sustain them when life isn’t throwing as many challenges your way.

Remember, if you continue to wait for the “perfect” time, you’ll never start.

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