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Changing Habits to Change Her Life: Emily's Naturally Slim Story

Changing Habits to Change Her Life: Emily's Naturally Slim Story

Nov 06, 2019 « Back to The Skinny

Emily Before & After

My experience started back in February 2019. My husband came home and said that his work was offering a health program paid for by insurance and suggested that we both participate in it. I had heard about the program, Naturally Slim, before due to his work offering it the previous year.

"When I first looked into it, I thought that it seemed like a joke. I had zero belief that this method would allow me to experience success. I would later find out that I was entirely wrong."

I humored my husband and said that I would participate with him.  I remember the first video lesson with Marsha and the potato chips and peanuts, almost made me feel silly. The more I focused and thought about it though, I began to understand the points she was making.  I made the choice to dive in headfirst and follow the program as close as I could. My starting weight was 196.6lbs as of February 22, 2019. By March 22, 2019, I was down to 188.8. Almost 10 lbs. in a month! With this early success, I was hooked and my faith in this program was completely changed.  I began looking forward to the weekly videos with the crew and took the insights they provided to heart. I started a weekly exercise goal of three intentional walks a week.

Since I started the Naturally Slim program in February, I have lost a total of 63lbs. I have successfully hit six goals that I set throughout the length of this program, and I am still making progress at hitting my seventh goal. I feel that this program has given me a piece of my life back that I hadn’t realized I was missing. You see I am a 29, almost 30 (Don’t tell anyone) year old mom of two. I had never been one to struggle a lot with my weight, I tended to have more issues with my own body image than anything.

A year after I married my husband we moved over eight hours away from close family and friends to an area that we knew no one. I was also taking online courses instead of attending classes on a campus. This hindered my activity levels quite significantly and because of the changes and being away from family, I am sure that I let my diet fall to the wayside.  Over the course of the next 6 years, we moved 7 times total and I had two children within this period. I had just let myself fall into a little bit of a slump and gained quite a bit of weight during this time.  My biggest weight that I ever hit was 212 lbs. I had a brief period that I used the My Fitness Pal app and tracked every single thing that went into my body. I did have some success with this and lost down to 175 lbs. The issue with this was that it wasn’t a sustainable way to approach my health and I ended up gaining back up the 196 lbs.

Naturally Slim has given me an approach that doesn’t count calories or make drastic changes to my diet. Did I become more aware of the types of food items that I was eating? Yes, but this was a side effect that occurred over a period of time.

It doesn’t limit or cut out a certain food group which is something that I greatly enjoy about this program. It doesn’t require me to completely eliminate sweets and sugar but makes you more mindful of when and how you consume these items. This is fantastic for me because I am definitely a sweet eater, and being able to continue enjoying these types of food has been a big key to my success. I have yet to feel deprived of anything, which allows this program to be a sustainable one.  One of my favorite things that I have still been able to partake in is the birthday cake at my nieces’, nephew’s, and my children’s birthday parties. Oh, and also warm peach cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The way that Naturally Slim is structured has allowed me to continue eating family meals and enjoying parties but has equipped me with the appropriate tools to handle these types of situations.

"Throughout this experience, I have gone from struggling through a one-mile walk three times a week to walking four or five times a week for four or five miles at a time. I even find myself adding in the occasional jog. Just the other day I ran my first mile in under 10 minutes. It was such an exhilarating feeling that it actually brought tears to my eyes."

Just being able to keep up with my kids when they want to run and climb on a playground or race Mommy is such a great feeling. I don’t feel like I am letting them down or disappointing them because Mommy is tired or worn out. A few months ago my family took a trip back to the college town we lived in after we first got married. There they have this amazing playground set up as a castle with draw bridges, secret tunnels, giant dragons, and a lot of stairs. The children loved the playground and I am very happy to say that I was able to keep up with them- climbing to the top of the towers and even was able to crawl and fit through the tiny secret tunnels. We had an amazing time. While we were there it occurred to me that if I hadn’t taken part in the Naturally Slim program I would have been winded climbing those towers and too big to fit through those tunnels.

Naturally Slim is a health program, but it is also a program that gives confidence, support, recognition and lives back to those that believe in it. NS has brought me back to the person that I always knew that I was; strong, motivated, and confident. It has allowed me to share a healthier lifestyle with my kids and helped me to teach them a healthier way of living.

"I’m very proud of the fact that they don’t hear me say that I’m going on a diet. This program has created such a ripple of positive things in my life and for that, I am forever grateful. My hope is that by sharing my story, and the doubt that I had in the program, I might encourage someone to just jump. Who knows, you might just fly. I definitely feel like I am.  All it takes is a moment to make a decision, to take a chance, to commit to something that might just change your entire life."

Thank you Naturally Slim family for all the support and encouragement. You have definitely been a guiding light in my story.

Thank YOU, Emily, for sharing your inspirational journey with us!