Eat, Live
and Enjoy

Sample Curriculum

Program Overview

The Naturally Slim curriculum consists of ten insightful videos that discuss a number of topics related to healthy eating. The videos are each approximately 45 minutes in length, and feature the Naturally Slim president and visionary, Marcia Upson providing practical, in-depth instruction on how to eat like a True Thin along with Dr Tim Church M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D, Todd Whitthorne, and a clinical psychologist Dr Georita Frierson..

Naturally Slim, Inc. President Marcia Upson teaches members that "it's not what you eat, but when and how"

Weekly Lesson Videos

The lesson videos will become available sequentially (each video becomes available 7 days after the prior week is activated). Each lesson will be available will be available 24/7 during the activation period, allowing you to watch at a time that is most convenient for you. Lessons by week include:

Week 1: The Fundamentals of how to lose weight while eating all foods

Week 2: Review of Week one and discussion of food diaries, movement, and input from Dr Tim Church M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D 

Week 3: Vital Needs along with movement and goal setting.

Week 4: Sugar and the impact of it in our diet 

Week 5: Nutrition

Week 6: Vital Needs review; Maintaining vs Losing

Week 7: Emotional Eating

Week 8: Travel, cooking, shopping, and parties. 

Week 9: Culture and portion sizes.

Week 10: How to continue losing weight and maintain your healthy weight.

Weekly Questionnaires

After you've set up your account, purchased the program and become a Naturally Slim member, you'll simply log in to the website each week to access your course curriculum. After Week 1, the courses will begin with a short questionnaire, which helps you understand how well you feel you've been able to apply the previous week's lesson as you've eaten.

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NS Town: The Online Naturally Slim Community

Your Naturally Slim membership fee includes one year of access to NS Town, our online community made up of  current and former Naturally Slim participants. NS Town is a secure, friendly forum for meeting new people, sharing tips and ideas, asking questions and getting involved with groups that share your interests. There are currently thousands of active members of NS Town, and it continues to grow every day!