Lose Weight. Not Pleasure.

Naturally Slim is an online program which helps you change how you eat instead of what you eat. Learn the skills to lose weight and keep it off forever while still eating your favorite foods. Plus, you will improve your health and reduce your chance of developing a serious, chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease. And, it's free to you.

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How it Works

You will learn simple, repeatable skills to help you lose weight and keep it off without giving up the foods you love.

Weekly Lessons

Learn new skills to change your relationship with food. Complete lessons on your computer or smart phone when it's convenient for you.

Develop Your Skills

Apply your new skills to your everyday life while still eating what and where you want. All you do is change when and how.

Track Your Progress

Use your personal dashboard to track your progress, take quizzes to maximize your new skills, and gain insight, support and inspiration from others.

How to Get Started

Apply Today

Complete the online application form today to get started. During the enrollment process, you will choose the date you would like the program to begin.


Naturally Slim will review your application to determine whether you are eligible for the program. You will receive email confirmation of your eligibility.

Welcome Kit

You will receive a Welcome Kit in the mail which includes useful information along with some food items you will use during the first lesson.

Start Program

You will receive an email with a link to get started or simply come back to this page to log in.

What Others Are Saying

Over 300,000 people have gone through the program, and many have seen life-changing results

"Looking back at my Facebook memories of past birthdays, I got really emotional about how I lived my life and how I didn’t take care of myself. I truly believe that if I had not started my journey with Naturally Slim, I would not be around to enjoy my family in the years to come. For anyone that wants a lifestyle change and not a diet, I am a firm believer and proof that the Naturally Slim principles work."

- Tony Lost 116 lbs

"When Naturally Slim was introduced to me by an email from my employer, I was hesitant to try it. I decided to sign up because I did not want to become another statistic of developing diabetes like many of my family members have. Signing up was the best thing I did for myself. I recently had a physical and found out that I do not have diabetes! With the help of Naturally Slim, I lost 62 pounds! I am embracing my new life. At 51 years old, I feel the best I have felt in a long time."

- R.C. Lost 62 lbs

"When I started Naturally Slim, I was very overweight and not particularly motivated to change that, but when I received an email from my employer offering me the course, I said “why not?”. I was extremely skeptical at first, but the weight started to come off without me having to deprive myself of the foods I love or working particularly hard! With Naturally Slim, I have picked up habits that have turned into a lifestyle-and I’m still losing weight! As of this week, I have lost 47 pounds."

- Lydia Lost 47 lbs

*Individual results may vary

Program Information

Important Information


Naturally Slim is available to employees, retirees or dependents enrolled in a HealthSelect plan (excluding Medicare-primary participants) who are 18 or older and have a BMI of 23 or higher.


Naturally Slim is available at no cost to employees, retirees or dependents enrolled in a HealthSelect plan who meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete the program, you must complete 8 of the first 10 classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register?

Go to www.naturallyslim.com/HealthSelect and click the ‘Apply Now’ button and complete the online registration. Once you are accepted, you will be notified via email.

Naturally Slim is available to eligible employees, spouses and dependents 18 and older (excludes Medicare primary participants) enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect, who have a BMI of 23 or higher.

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided during the enrollment process. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam filter to ensure the mail didn’t get caught there. If it did, please add 'info@naturallyslim.com' to your Contact list or SafeSender list to ensure you receive all future emails from Naturally Slim. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at support@naturallyslim.com so we can verify that your application is complete.

The Naturally Slim program is an online program so there is no need to attend any meetings in person. You can watch your lessons and interact with the program whenever it is convenient for you.

At Naturally Slim we want you to learn habits that you can use for a lifetime. For years our culture has tried to change what you eat and we all have struggled for success. At Naturally Slim we want to change your eating habits, not what you eat. We will not have required meals, calorie counting, or ask you to buy specific meals. The meals that you typically enjoy now will remain the same. We will have some items that can be helpful in the program that will be discussed in the first video.

The videos should take less than one hour to watch, except for the first week which is slightly longer (approximately 1½ hours). Each lesson is broken up into multiple short videos so you can watch whenever it is convenient to your schedule. During the first ten weeks, your lessons are weekly so all the weekly videos need to be watched within the next 10 days (7 day class period plus a 3-day extension, if necessary). During the subsequent skill maintenance phases of the program, you will have more time to complete your lessons.

The program starts with ten weekly lessons, approximately one hour in length, to teach you the core principles. Each lesson is broken up into small videos so you can watch the entire lesson in one sitting or break it up into multiple sittings when it is convenient for you. Throughout the program you will have access to a dashboard to track your weight loss, tips and quizzes to keep you motivated, and tools to communicate with coaches and other participants.

Research shows that participants that continue to check in after learning the core principles are the most successful. So, after the first ten weeks, lessons are bi-weekly for the next fourteen weeks. At this point, you will have learned the core principles so lessons will focus on reinforcing those skills and helping you apply them in real life. After that, you will have a new lesson once a month for six months which will focus on long-term weight maintenance.

Yes, you will receive a Welcome Kit via regular mail at the address you provided in your application. It includes:

  • Participant Manual – This manual includes general information about the program as well as the food diary, which you will learn more about in the program.
  • Tape Measure – Allows you to take your measurements before and after the program to see how many inches you lose.
  • Food Items – There is a Food Awareness exercise during the first week of the program so you will use these foods for that exercise. (Food items containing peanuts are included in the welcome kit so if you or someone in your family has a peanut allergy, please don’t consume those items.)

You can use any type of electronic device with Internet connectivity to participate in the Naturally Slim program including a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. In fact, there is even an iPhone and Android app which you can use to watch your lessons and apply the skills to your daily life.

Yes, you will have access to a team of counselors that are ready to assist you at any time. Additionally, there is an entire online community that includes counselors, past participants and current participants available to share tips or answer questions whenever you need it.

No, the information you provide to Naturally Slim will be considered confidential and will only be available to you and the Naturally Slim program professionals. Your health plan may receive reports of Naturally Slim aggregate enrollment data for billing and claims processes. Otherwise, the information you provide to Naturally Slim is confidential and available only to you and Naturally Slim and its affiliates involved in conducting and evaluating the program. Naturally Slim cannot sell or otherwise divulge any participant information to any unauthorized party.

Lose weight without losing your favorite foods.