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The Naturally Slim program has a close and longstanding connection to the medical community. In fact, our emphasis on overall health improvement (not just weight loss) has earned the Naturally Slim program praise and recommendations from numerous physicians, nurses and health professionals across the country. Our connection to doctors started in 1983 when Naturally Slim’s founder, Sandra Breithaupt, authored “The Dallas Doctors’ Diet”* which chronicled six prominent Dallas doctors as they lost weight on the Naturally Slim program. The results that they and many of their colleagues since have achieved has spurred thousands of patient referrals and helped many people live longer, healthier lives.

When you refer your patients to Naturally Slim, you’ll help them take the first step toward healthier eating habits, better lab results and achievable long-term weight loss goals. Here what other medical professionals like you have to say about Naturally Slim: 

"The biggest appeal in my opinion for Naturally Slim is its healthy sensibility. Numerous patients have had great success and love the simplicity and flexibility. My strongest endorsement is that this is a lifestyle change, not a "diet," thereby encouraging long term maintenance and success. It encourages any schedule, no matter how busy, or how often you eat out, to be able to stick with it." 
- Denise Bannister, M.D.

"I refer patients to Naturally Slim because it offers teaching in diet modification that allows patients to lose weight and keep it off. With their weight loss and healthier life styles, they often can see benefits from medical problems including hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol."
- Tracy Elliott, M.D. 

"Naturally Slim, as a weight loss program is very effective. In contrast to various diet programs which seek to reduce weight through modification of type and amount of food, "Naturally Slim" assists the overweight to alter the fundamental relationship they have with food and develop what Naturally Slim characterizes as a slim mind. In this process, the clients are freed from the biological variables that have been set up by dieting cycles and more direct coping strategies are taught to address the emotional triggers to excessive eating. Thus, in addition to losing the weight they choose to lose, the clients often become much more successful at dealing with difficult life issues. Over the years, I have referred many clients to Naturally Slim and have seen first hand the program's success in achieving sustained weight loss and improve quality of experience."
-Patrick E. Sewell, M.D.


*Note: The Dallas Doctor's Diet is now out of print. However, you may search or as the book does become available in used condition from time to time. 

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