Corporate Wellness

The Naturally Slim program is a powerful tool for companies or organizations that are facing steady increases in the cost of employee healthcare. Statistics have proven that obesity is one of the most common reasons for high insurance premiums, since being overweight contributes to a number of diseases and health conditions, ranging from chronic fatigue and depression to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  When you reverse the pattern of obesity through healthier eating and lifestyle habits, you can reverse the trajectory of the healthcare curve and generate significant savings in your overall healthcare costs.

The Corporate Program

The Clinical Wellness Program (CWP) that we offer for companies is the same program that our individual clients undergo, with some added support features and custom content that relates to your company’s guidelines for usage. There is no limit to the amount of people your company can enroll, so Naturally Slim can be utilized for a small group of designated employees or your entire organization. Because our program consists of web-based curriculum videos, your employees can go through the program at their own pace, and should be able to complete the program without missing any work.

Getting Started

Our partnership with Dallas-based ACAP Health Consulting, a leading healthcare consulting firm, enables us to enroll even the largest organizations in a organized, efficient manner and requires only modest employee and administrator involvement. To learn more about Naturally Slim’s corporate wellness program, or to inquire about our pilot program, simply request a consultation with one of our experienced representatives from ACAP Health Consulting "Accountable Care Accountable Patient."

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