Client Testimonials

The Hartford - TESTIMONIAL
Total Weight Lost: 40,000 pounds

“What do I love about [the Naturally Slim Program]? All the wonderful things I hear from participants – that they feel like they are in control of their lives for the first time, that they have reduced their risks or reversed diabetes and no longer need to take medication, that they feel younger and happier and can participate in activities they have not done in years. And I love that it is contagious. Co-workers see the results and want to participate. The best thing about the program is that it is not a diet, but most definitely a lifestyle change. Nothing to start and stop –- Naturally Slim is forever.”
 - Harriet Aaronson, Assistant Vice President (The Hartford) 

Southwest Airlines
Total Weight Lost: 15,000 pounds

"Our employees have experienced significant weight loss, as well as improvements on health measures such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol levels. Like many employers, we were looking for a way to provide wellness opportunities that could enhance the quality of life for our employees and stop the progression of disease that is impacting overall health care spend. The program is focused on behaviors and meeting people where they are in their weight loss journey. More than anything, the program seems to empower participants to live healthier – they get to own their journey. Weekly online modules provide a great benefit to our employees because participants can share the experience of being in the Naturally Slim program without having to be in the same physical location during the program."
- Kembre Roberts, Wellness Manager – People Department (Southwest Airlines)

Genesis Health System
Total Weight Lost: 35,000 pounds

[Our] employees spend their careers caring for others. We want them to take care of themselves so they are able to enjoy a longer, more satisfying life and career. We launched this wellness program to control our costs and avoid the alarming trend of double-digit percentage increases in healthcare costs, we never expected to save millions of dollars or experience a negative investment. We didn’t expect the instant success we got, but we’ll take it.
- Doug Cropper, President & CEO (Genesis Health System) 

Baylor Health Care System
Total Weight Lost: 20,000 pounds

"We've had 1600 employees go over [the Naturally Slim program] and to date have lost close to 20,000 pounds over that time frame and that's just during the program itself. We know the employees are still losing weight after the program. We can see a true difference in their cholesterol levels, glucose and blood pressure and we're seeing that change happen. As a company we've seen savings in our overall medical costs due to all of these different programs that we have."
- Leia Spoor, Director of Health & Wellness
(Baylor Health Care System)

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