Client Testimonials

BSA Health System – Healthcare
Total Weight Lost: 12,079 pounds

“The partnership between BSA Health System and Naturally Slim has been an amazing blessing to the +1,000 employees that have gone through the 10 week program over the last three years. As a healthcare institution, we believe it’s critical to focus on not just healing those that are ill but also being a role model and progressive example for the community in our health and wellness initiatives. Naturally Slim has been a tremendous tool in promoting that effort and as a result we have garnered sustained, positive outcomes in significantly reducing the incidence of Metabolic Syndrome. Those outcomes are seen not just in the dramatically improved lab results and weight loss of our employees but in the smiling faces of our staff that now feel better, have more energy and most importantly, will live a longer, more healthy life because of Naturally Slim.” - Michael Cruz, Vice President of Operations

City of Garland, Texas – Municipal/Government
Total Weight Lost: 7,774 pounds

"At the City of Garland we always strive to progressively control benefits costs without compromising the healthcare of our employees. In 2005 we partnered with Naturally Slim to prove wellness programs work and are integral in helping us reach our goals. We have run the NS program for the last 5 years and have hundreds of healthier and happier employees to show for it. The NS staff is extremely professional and easy to work with. We would like to highly recommend the Naturally Slim to you and your organization." - Rick French, Benefits Manager

ISAS Group Benefits Trust – Education
Total Weight Lost: 2,126 pounds

"There are many programs out there that help you lose weight and get to a more healthy lifestyle. But it seems to me that many are quick fixes and require you to significantly change your normal routine (i.e., count calories, count exchanges, eat no carbs, etc.). The Naturally Slim program helps you lose weight and get to a more healthy lifestyle, but besides learning the how and when to eat, you really have nothing else to do but enjoy. You can eat whatever you want whenever you want, as long as you’re truly hungry at the time. It sounds like such a simple concept because it is, and more importantly – it works. We have had 225 employees participate in the program the last three years and they have lost literally more than a ton and a half of weight! Not only that, the number of risk factors for biometric syndrome have dropped which we believe will result in lower health care costs for the Trust as well as out-of-pocket expenses for our employees. - Don Graham, Executive Director

Omni Hotels – Hospitality
Total Weight Lost: 825 pounds

"Omni piloted the Naturally slim program to 77 participants Spring 2010. Overall we had an average weight loss of 11 pounds for the 10 weeks and a 59% reversal of Metabolic syndrome. Not only did the participants eliminate risk factors after completing Naturally Slim, but some still continue to report weight loss. The program additionally caused a great buzz within the organization. Associates who were not participating became very aware of the participant's results and overall had an increased interest in a more healthy behavior. This swell of engagement was most exciting and quite unexpected." - Cheryl Douglas, Omni Hotels

Sabre Holdings (including – Retail Travel
Total Weight Lost: 12,000 pounds

"Naturally Slim is a program that works and makes sense. From the start participants learn how simple, common sense lifestyle changes help them reduce their risk associated with disease and achieve life-long health without giving up the food they love. This program helped Sabre develop a culture of wellness and delivered real, measurable results. Naturally Slim is a core piece of our overall health and wellness strategy." - Matt Robbins Director of Benefits Sabre Holdings

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