Learn to be a
Naturally Slim Individual


Craving more Naturally Slim knowledge?
Naturally Slim Advanced is for you!

Our newly released advanced program may be just what you need to jump start your weight loss, maintain the weight you have reached, or just to learn more about your body and health.

The Naturally Slim Advanced program is 7-weeks of enhanced knowledge building based off of the Naturally Slim Foundations program.

Naturally Slim Advanced is designed to:

  • Reinforce the basic principles that were taught in Naturally Slim Foundations program that enable individuals to lose weight and become healthier while eating all foods.
  • Go deeper into previously taught topics such as exercise, portion size, stress and the quality of the foods we consume.
  • Present the latest research into topics such as high fructose corn syrup, calorie enhanced restaurant foods and the dangers of abdominal obesity.

Below are summaries of each of the individual seven weeks of Naturally Slim Advanced:

    1. Week One is a comprehensive review of the Naturally Slim Eating Management Plan, and reviews the Naturally Slim principles that are fundamental for losing weight while eating all foods.
    2. Week Two reviews the importance of keeping a food diary and how it can help with weight loss. This week also shows the latest research on exercise to help motivate participants to become active.
    3. Week Three discusses the history behind “Biggie Sizing”, explains how the food industry engineers foods and exposes the content of some processed foods. This week also examines why abdominal obesity is important to avoid and the need for enough sleep.
    4. Week Four explores hidden high-sugar sources that individuals often overlook in the foods they eat. It examines high fructose corn syrup, why it is harmful and the significance of fructose in our foods.
    5. Week Five reveals that 77% of the sodium that an individual ingests comes from processed and prepackaged foods. It also educates participants about the importance of fiber and Omega 3s in their diet.
    6. Week Six addresses the role that emotions play in our eating habits and how to fulfill our emotional needs.
    7. Week Seven concludes the program by reviewing the habits desired to keep off weight, and the techniques for staying slim and healthy for a lifetime.